Breaks Interstate Park- Part 1

“The Grand Canyon of the South”

The Breaks Interstate Park is a beautiful place to visit. It is one of two interstate parks in the country. Surprisingly, many people haven’t heard of “The Breaks”. Growing up in Southwest Virginia, this is the first state park I remember visiting as a kid. Perhaps the reason I enjoy this park so much is that it sits in the two states I love- Virginia and Kentucky. On a recent trip to visit my family, I was able to stop at The Breaks for a while and I was able to view some beautiful fall scenery from several overlook points within the park and take a small hike on the loop trail.

This is the main entrance to the park.

As soon as I drove into the park, I saw deer hanging out near the Goldenrod Lodge. Even if the deer had been the only thing I saw that morning it would have been worth the trip.

The first two overlooks I walked to actually have trailheads outside the main park entrance. The first, the Mill Rock Point Overlook, is named so because millstones were carved from the sandstone at the base of the overlook. At the trailhead, Kentucky and Virginia state maps are posted. There are a lot of steps to this overlook, but it’s worth the view!
The second overlook, Lovers Leap, is a little eerie. Native American legend describes two in love natives who were forbidden to marry because their tribes were at war. The two leaped to their deaths from the canyon rim.

Lover’s Leap Overlook

At the visitor center, there are nice, colorful maps available of the park and you can see several displays on the grounds here such as the mill, an early settlement home, an unearthed salt kettle and, of course, a moonshine still. You can also see the parks amphitheater from here.

Moonshine Still

With limited time to spend at the park I decided to take one of the shorter hikes and to see the other overlooks. I started on the loop trail at shelter 2 and headed to the Tower Tunnel Overlook.

The Tower Tunnel Overlook photos

Beautiful overlook!

One of my favorite overlooks!

Ready to head back up the path to the road and back down to starting point at shelter 2.

There is a separate parking space if you’d rather see this overlook without the hike. I hope you’ll continue this trip with me in the next blog (look for parts 2 and 3) for more park overlooks.

Thanks so much for visiting!



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