The Breaks Interstate Park – Part 2

In part 1 of this series of blogs on The Breaks Interstate Park, we looked at the first two overlooks- The Mill Rock Point Overlook and Lovers Leap. Both of those overlooks can be seen before entering through the main gate inside the main gate. This blog looks at the following overlooks: Clinchfield Overlook, Pinnacle Rock Overlook, and The Stateline Overlook.


These three overlooks are fairly close to one another inside the park. You can access them on the hiking trails or park near each overlook to walk a shorter distance.

The Clinchfield Overlook is one of my favorites. The deep gorge you can see from this overlook is called “The Grand Canyon of the South.”

This information was really interesting. The railroad below can be dated back to 1831.

This photo was taken from the above display in order to show the railroad better.

The walk down to the overlook was really pretty this time of year.

I can’t even explain how beautiful the scenery was. Photos do little justice for this place!


Almost there!

Reaching the overlook!

Nature Provides A Way. The natural breach in Pine Mountain made things easier for transportation needs in the area.


After spending a few minutes here, it was time to head to Pinnacle Rock!

So… Back up the steps we go!

There is parking close to this overlook.

Ummm…no worries. I wasn’t going to.

Pinnacle Rock

The trailhead to the Stateline Overlook

The Stateline is colored orange on the map.


This concludes part 2 of the Breaks Overlook series! Be looking for the third and final blog about the Breaks overlooks!

Again, thanks for joining along!




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