The Breaks Interstate Park- Part 3

This is the third part of a series of information and photos about The Breaks Interstate Park overlooks. As you've seen with parts 1 and 2, The Breaks is an absolutely beautiful place to visit.

After seeing the Stateline Overlook, I headed back towards the park entrance to see The Towers Overlook.


Heading down to The Towers Overlook

The Towers



This overlook was extremely interesting!

It's a small, rocky climb back to the trail. Back in the car and out of the main entrance, I headed left toward Elkhorn City and stopped just down the street at the tomb of the unknown confederate soldier. The marker reads “Known but to God”.

Back on the road, I was reminded of the many times my family traveled this way headed to visit family. The road is super curvy. That, along with high rocky cliffs on one side and the deep gorge on the other, makes for an interesting view.



This road is called “The Crooked Road” and leads into Virginia. It is part of Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.


Home of Dr. Ralph Stanley

The last overlook I had to see was the Russell Fork Overlook. Russell Fork is a whitewater stream and is a very popular place for white water rafting.


Heading down to the overlook, you can hear the rush of the river.



This is a great overlook!

I was so glad that I decided to stop at this last one! The view was beautiful!



Heading back up to the lot.

After getting into my car I looked at the map and realized that I had actually missed an overlook inside the park called the Grassy Overlook. Be sure I will catch it next time I'm there!

I hope you've enjoyed this series of overlooks at The Breaks! I just want to note that these overlooks are just a small portion of what the park offers. In addition to hiking, camping, biking, and geocaching, there are cabins, lodges, cottages, horse stables and a water park! There are about 25 miles of hiking trails and 12 miles for mountain biking and horse riding. The water park has been recently renovated and now includes a splash pad for children. Paddle boating and canoeing are also available.

I hope that everyone reading this gets a chance to visit this park. It's a gem of a place hidden on the Kentucky/Virginia border. Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!



“The world's big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”-John Muir



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