Boone Station State Historic Site

One of my lofty goals for the next couple of years is to visit all 49 Kentucky State Parks. Whether it's a recreation park, a resort park or a historical park, I want to see them all. The full list can be found at

Boone Station is one of the historical parks in Lexington, KY. Many of Kentucky's parks have a link to Daniel Boone. This particular one was established in 1779. The settlement at Boonesborough had become too crowded so Boone and his family established Boone Station. At one point, the settlement had 15-20 families living in it.

Boone Station sits on 46 acres and includes a monument which marks the site of Boone Station. The names of five family members that buried there are listed on the monument. The monument was placed there by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1967. (National Parks Service “Athens Historic District”)

As you can see from the monument, two of Daniel and Rebecca's sons are buried here. Two of Daniel's brothers and a sister-in-law are also here.

There is a small trail you can walk at this park.


Near the parking area and picnic table, there is a trailhead which will take you around the perimeter of the park. You'll see the barn and also the tobacco barn.


It was a really beautiful day for a walk.




Along the walk, you'll notice other properties close by that are beautifully located close to Boone Station.


There was a bird's nest on the ground. We saw a lot of butterflies and wild flowers.




Queen Anne' Lace


Overall, this historical park is great for a quick visit and to learn a little history. The walk around is relatively easy (around a mile). I've checked this off of my list of 49. Thanks for joining me!



“I was happy in the midst of dangers and inconveniences.”- Daniel Boone



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