Fava’s Restaurant

We were hungry so here's a local food blog. Ha! We decided to go to Georgetown which is very close to the area of Lexington we live in. I wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been and we settled on a small Main Street diner called Favas. The downtown historic Main Street in Georgetown is extremely charming and I've made a note to go back to see more of their Main Street. Christmas season is around the corner so I'll go back for some beautiful festive sights. Anyway, back to the food.

Fava's was established in 1910 by Louie and Susie Fava.

It began as a confectionary but now includes a full menu.

The entrance is easy to spot with the cheery interior red paint showing up from the sidewalk. It was pretty inviting!

The menu gives a glimpse of the history of Fava's.

The mural on the wall is surrounded by past memorabilia such as newspaper articles about the restaurant and shadow boxes full of memories. It's a sentimental place.

I noticed the coffee mug collection hanging above us.

The diner truly has a cozy feel to it. The waitress would come through the swinging doors after the ring of the diner bell. Our waitress was really nice and told us people really like their catfish and their hot brown sandwich (a Kentucky dish). Being a burger and fries girl, I stuck with that but we also ordered some deep fried pickles they call “frickles” here. The hubby ordered breakfast for dinner which they serve all day.

Diner food done right!

The Frickles!!

Oh, and house made chips with beer cheese!

Sometimes it's the little things you notice in a place like this. This iron coca cola door handle has been around for a long while.

Blurry, but at the entrance is another collection hanging up of Mickey Mouse memorabilia.

It was a fun place to eat. I recommend Fava's to anyone looking for something new and quaint to try! I know I will be back!




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