Cove Spring Park – Part 1

Cove Spring Park, in Frankfort Kentucky, is one of my newest favorite places to go for a hike. The park, as best I can describe it, seems to have three major sections: A lower Wetlands area across the road from the main entrance, the main area where the parking lot and Hurst Falls are, and an upper section with higher trails and a walking area overlooking a portion of Frankfort. Buffalo Trace Distillery can be seen from that area. I'm dividing this park blog up in three sections as well. This first part was from the first time I visited Cove Spring. Parts two and three will look at other trails and the Wetlands area.

Hurst Falls at Cove Spring Park

The dedication plaque near the falls.

These steps will take you to the upland trail or you can go through the meadow and end up coming down the stairs to end your hike.

The creek bed had a small dripping stream near the bench at the foot of the stairs.

This is the old stone overflow structure just past the stairs.


This stone wall is pretty impressive when you see it.

A little color showing up on the ground.

I decided I would walk the spring spur and then head back by the upland trail.

The upland trail will take you back towards the stairs and shelter. The holly loop trail is a longer hike.

A bridge on the trail

There was still a lot of greenery since it was early fall.

It was a beautiful fall walk on the upland trail. The sun was shining through the trees and the ground was covered with leaves that crunched beneath your feet.

The upland trail is a nice hike with a beautiful canopy of trees.


You can see a portion of the meadow loop trail from here.

There are a few steps up to a portion of the trail.

You will end up at the stairs that lead down to the shelter. There is also a children's memorial at this park. I will include photos of that beautiful area in a separate blog.

Thanks for reading!





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