Cove Spring Park- Part 2

On my second trip back to Cove Spring Park in Frankfort, I decided on heading through the Meadow Loop to the Holly Loop Trail and back towards the shelter area through the Raceway Spur.

The Meadow Loop takes you to a beautiful memorial that was placed there in 2006 by Compassionate Friends- a support group for bereaved parents.


There is a sitting area around the memorial that is tucked away peacefully inside the park.

All around the memorial are quotes about children and also personal engravings on the bricks honoring lost loved ones. I think this is a beautiful and respectful addition to this park.

The Holly Trail Loop is a longer hike than the previous Upland Trail. There are connector trails which are shortcuts if you want to hike less.


There are several shortcuts to take along the trails.

You'll see a trough in the park. The trees and sky were reflected in the water.


The Holly Trail continues

These kept falling everywhere.

The red was vibrant along the hike as the sun hit the trees.

On the Osage Trail, you will come to an old barn. It was unexpected to see it sitting there off the trail.



An old No Hunting sign is posted on the barn.

The sky trail is the highest trail. It's a lovely hike up by way of the Osage Trail. Notice the archery design. An archery park is in the park by the paved trail.


Along the sky trail, there is a wildflower area.

At the sky trail, you have an opportunity to take in a great view of a portion of north Frankfort. From this shot, you can see the picnic area overlooking the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Back towards Holly Loop, you'll cross a bridge.

Watch for snakes anytime you're hiking. This green snake was on the Osage trail.


Hiking back down towards the shelter, I took the short Raceway Spur which takes you behind Hurst Falls.

A “raceway” themed bench with children's artwork sits on this spur.

This park has so many trails to choose from. In part 3 I will look at the Wetlands area which has an entrance across the street from the main entrance.

Thanks for reading!




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