Cove Spring Park – Part 3

This is the third part of a blog series on Frankfort's Cove Spring Park/ Nature Preserve. Today I look at the Wetlands area of the park and the overlook trail that begins at the edge of that parking area.

There is an interpretive shelter on the trail and a nice path around the perimeter of this section of the park.

This is a beautiful walk for a fall day. It's a really peaceful place.


The bark peeling off of a tree in the park.

Part of this path takes you through a wooded area that is really pretty.

Everything seemed bright green because of the sun that morning.

A small leaf covered bridge on the walkway.

There is a field near the creek with wild flowers which is also close to the interpretive shelter.

This was such a peaceful place to be- away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The interpretive shelter also has picnic tables and a deck for viewing the scenery and bird watching.


More of the perimeter trail path that leads back to the parking area.

At the edge of the parking area, there is a trailhead for the Overlook Trail. I decided to go ahead and walk this trail because it was the only part of the park I hadn't explored yet. It is a one mile out and back trail.

The paved trail was covered in leaves. I think fall is the perfect time to go hiking!

At the Overlook, you can get a good view of Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Buffalo Trace Distillery encompasses 119 acres with 114 buildings.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States.

There is a small shelter at the overlook.

A little ways up this trail, I thought I saw a large black cat. As I got closer, I realized it was a bear cub. I was afraid the mama bear was close, so I didn't go any further. I turned around and headed back to the parking lot.

I really enjoyed this park a lot! Each visit here was a great adventure. Whether you want a picnic in the park, a short hike with kids, or a longer day hike, this park offers it all. I hope you get a chance to visit!




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