Asbury Trails – Wilmore, KY

Asbury Trails in Wilmore, Kentucky, is open to the public for hiking. The trailhead is at a parking lot on the way to Asbury University's Challenge Course. I didn't know there were trails here until recently, and I think it's one of the best places to go in the area for a short hike. The area is known as The Palisades Farm.



The first trail I hiked was the Hillside Trail. It's name describes the hike. You head uphill through woods, across a ravine, and end up in a meadow. You can see the valley below while hiking this trail. You can hike back down the 1/2 mile trail or take the gravel service road back to the parking lot.

The trail is a great hike. The area this time of year was beautiful!

At the ravine, you'll cross over and head uphill to a meadow area.

The trails were well marked.

On my second trip back, I headed left at the trailhead down the Old Stage Road. This trail is 2/3 mile and follows a ravine down to the pump station at the Kentucky River. I did find that this trail is really slippery after a rain. One interesting thing about this trail is that it use to be a pioneer road for stagecoaches.

Looking back up to the Old Stage Rd trail marker.


You will cross a bridge and head on towards the pump station.


You'll come to a larger bridge that will crosses over to the pump station road and has access to a landing at the Kentucky River.



Making a stop at the Kentucky River to relax was really quite nice and peaceful.

Heading back to the trail from the river.

My next trail, and one of my favorites, was the Great Wall Trail. This trail is stunning!

You can easily see why this trail is so cool!

There are towering cliffs here that line the riverbends. The Palisades are known for their beauty and there is about a mile of cliffs along the river. There are many narrow landings allowing you to walk along the edge of these huge cliffs.

This is a small view of the river from one of the cliff landings.

The Great Wall Trail goes for about 1/4 mile along the cliffs.


Some of the landings are wider than others.

This was a pretty narrow landing.

The rock formations were incredible!

There was a huge slab of Rock resting against this tree.

This formation is one of my favorites.

This shot shows the cliffs to the left and the Kentucky River down to the right.

This was another pretty narrow landing.

Another view of the river from a landing.

I realized I'd gotten a little too high up for my comfort.

Well, since I was already this far into this adventure, I decided to go for this last really steep trail. I'm so glad I did!

I reached the cave area after a pretty steep climb.

Well, you can't find a cave and not go in, right? Once inside, I noticed the cave opening looked like the shape of Kentucky!

From the side of the cave, you can see out to another landing at the next cliff. I sat there a bit to rest then headed back down the hill to the pump station road. I stayed on that road all the way back to near the parking lot. I really recommend this trail to anyone that loves to hike!

Thanks so much for coming along on Asbury University Trails!




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    Palisades Farm is located South of Wilmore, Kentucky on Highway 29 towards High Bridge. Hiking trails at Palisades Farm are available to students and the public. Geologic and ecological features along with historic sties are viewed among the trails. The gate is closed and locked at 8:00 PM daily (sunset from October to March)! This is a great post with wonderful photos!


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