The Roebling Suspension Bridge

The Roebling Suspension Bridge crosses the Ohio River and connects Covington, KY to Cincinnatti, Ohio. It was opened to pedestrians in 1866 and was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Probably the most interesting fact to me about this bridge is that architect John Roebling used this bridge as a model when he designed New York's Brooklyn Bridge. The day we visited Smale Riverside Park, we were surprised with one of the most beautiful sunsets over the bridge!

This is a view from the park into Covington.

Many people use this bridge to get to sports venues at Paul Brown Stadium, Great American Ball Park and US Bank Arena.

The park on the Ohio side has some pretty interesting features like this flying pig and this large chess set.

The Roebling Bridge gives easy access to a busy part of Covington and Cincinnatti.


Along the flood walls in Covington, as you can see here, there are murals showcasing a lot of history. I will be adding a separate blog one day devoted to those.


You can see the murals again here along with the barge passing by on the Ohio.

There are swings near the bridge at the park overlooking the river and looking into Covington.

The suspension bridge is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places and is listed as a US National Historic Landmark.

The restaurant district at the foot of the bridge on the Covington side is called Roebling Point.

A scene from the 1988 movie Rain Man was shot at the Roebling Bridge. Also, the film Ides of March includes a shot of the bridge.

As the sun began to set at the park, we could tell that we were in for a treat!

The park started to glow as did the sky.

You can really notice the details in the bridge.

The suspension bridge received a fresh coat of blue paint in 2010.

I love this image of the statues in the forefront of the bridge.

The sunset was absolutely stunning on the night we were at the bridge.

Just when you didn't think the sky could get more vibrant, it did.

Now the swings were a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a color filled sky.

The Ohio River looked purple.

What made this sunset even more special is that it was my daughter's 18th birthday. It seemed the sun was setting on her childhood and she was now an adult. It was a pretty spectacular evening!

The Roebling Suspension Bridge lit up at night.

Driving across the bridge and headed home!

Thanks for visiting with me!




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