Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill -Part 2

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, in Harrodsburg, KY, not only has many historical buildings to see, but also has a farm where you can see the animals then head out to the nature preserve for some exploring.

The farm was beautiful at sunrise. I was fortunate enough to make it to the Village as the sun was rising. It was the last warm weekend of fall and I tried to make the most of it.


Farming was very important to The Shaker community. Their farming practices became a model in efficiency to many others. They were known as the most inventive farmers of their day. They managed a 5,000 acre farm and fed more than 500 community dwellers every day. Today, the Shaker tradition continues as a 2 acre garden is maintained. The food grown ends up at the Trustees Dining Room on the grounds.

You can visit the animals at the farm. Many schools in the area bring children to the farm for field trips.



The squirrels were out and about at the village.



The trees were looking pretty bare and ready for winter.

The henhouse had a lot of really pretty hens. I'm not very familiar with the different breeds pictured here.





Detail in the stone wall

The stone walls are a common sight in the area.

Small birds perching on bare branches

A stable at the village

The horses at Shaker Village are so beautiful.



Sunrise at Shaker Village

Ivy and Blue headed to the barn

This is Ivy

… and this is Blue



The old red Corn Crib was decorated for Christmas.




The barn next to the corn crib

The path to the Lampton Trail

The scenery on this trail is amazing!

The Lampton trail is one of many trails at Shaker Village. They open at dawn and close at dusk.

The barn on Lampton Trail

You will pass a Cemetary marked 1811 on the road to the trail.

Road towards Lampton Trail

The white fences stretch across the fields.


This is the road along the trail headed back towards the pond.

The pond area



A flock of geese heads toward the pond.


Shaker Village offers weekend farm programs. Some programs help you plan your garden, learn beekeeping, and more! You can walk the garden in season and meet farmers to learn valuable information.


Wagon and hayrides are available from April-October.

Learn more at


Thanks for reading!




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