Lexington Murals Part 2

The first set of murals I photographed were from the distillery district. The following murals are also in Lexington, but in various parts of town. Most of the murals in this blog can be found downtown with a few being located elsewhere. My favorite mural, the Abraham Lincoln, was completed some time ago and I finally took the time to make a stop and view it from the parking lot behind the Kentucky Theater.

This vibrant mural was painted by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. Lincoln is painted on the back of The Kentucky Theater.

This mural is called The Night Watchers. It was painted in 2014 by Andrew Hem as part of the PRHBTN program. This mural is located on West Short Street. Thanks to my daughter for this shot.

“What Goes Around Comes Around” This is one of the newest murals, completed in 2015 as part of the PRHBTN program. Portugal’s Armu-Yama, the name used by Portuguese street artist MrDHEO and Pariz One were the muralists.


West Sixth Brewing is the location of this jumping horses mural. The artist is Gaia.

A full view of the horse mural

On the same street, I noticed three smaller pieces of art.

Al’s Bar has a nice, detailed mural called A Tradition of a Music, which showcases the rich musical heritage of the area. Located on Limestone, the muralist is Michael Burrell.

Al’s Bar mural

This mural is located close to Al’s Bar .

This buffalo mural is huge! Spanning three stories, I wasn’t expecting this thing to be so large! Though not my favorite, it is very detailed and is definitely an eye-catcher! Located on Limestone, the artist was Rao from Belgium. This mural was part of the PRHBTN 2014 program.

Interesting that I found this little fella near the huge buffalo mural on Limestone.

This bright painting is by Chicago street artist Left Handed Wave. This mural is located on Bryan Avenue.

The story behind this mostly missing mural made news in 2015 when an apparent miscommunication resulted in a beautiful piece of art being destroyed. The mural, by Odeith, from Portugal, was part of the PRHBTN program.

The remaining hoofs on the Odeith mural are seen here.

Origami Tsunami mural by BroCoLoco on Limestone

Wild Figs Books and Coffee sports a colorful mural on the side of their business.

On Lime, by BroCoLoco, located on Limestone at Vintage Creations.

Mural off of Limestone

The Lexington Transit Authority on West Louden Avenue has a set of murals showing the history of public transportation in Lexington. The murals were painted as part of the LexArts Outdoor Murals Project in 2012.

The parking garage entrance above has a colorful mural called Tulip Poplar. Artist Lacy Hale was commissioned by LexPark and Saul Good to paint this mural.

This is a pretty whimsical mural I happened to come across. It was painted by Britt Spencer in 2005.

The Stockyard Commons mural by Dronex. Located on Lisle Industrial Drive.

I accidentally found this mural . Though partly faded, it has a great musical theme.

Oneness Boutique is the location of this vibrant blue mural painted by New York based artists Sheryo and The Yok.

Oneness Boutique

This mural is located on Southland Drive and features a variety of a Bluegrass Instruments. Titled “In The Market For Music”, the muralist is Michael Burrell.

Signature in the corner: M Burrell ’08

Also on Southland Drive

This mural is located in Hamburg on the side of Saul Good restaurant. It features several iconic images such as The Parkette, a race horse, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Anita Madden.

Anita Madden is quoted on this mural.

Another new mural from 2015, the Louis Armstrong mural is one of my favorites. Located on Elm Tree Lane on Lighthouse Ministries, this mural is by Portugese artist Odeith.


Waseem Touma’s mural on the Vine Street Side of the High Street YMCA.

This wild turkey mural showed up at The Square this year. Completed for the Audubon Society, this mural was completed by Italian artist hiTNES.


Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m fascinated with the street art and murals. Lexington has a lot to see. It’s really fascinating to see the detail in the talented works of artists from all over the world. Thanks for tagging along! I look forward to completing part 3 of The Lexington Murals.





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