Midway, Kentucky

Not too far from where I live is an adorable, historic railroad town. Midway, KY is a charming town with colorful buildings, antique shops, gallery stores, restaurants, and more!

The railroad tracks run through the center of town.

Midway, KY was the first town established by a railroad. The name “Midway” derived from the fact that the town is a midpoint between Lexington and Frankfort. The first train reached Midway in 1833. Many of the streets in the town are named after Lexington and Ohio Railroad officials. Midway was incorporated in 1846.

Midway has a population of less than 2,000 people. Located in Woodford County, it is part of the Lexington-Fayette Metro Area. It has a total area of 1.1 square miles.

Originally called “Middleway”, the town was renamed “Midway” in 1837. (Rennick, Roberts. Kentucky Place Names, p.197. University Press of KY 1987.

Did you know the Midway water tower is nicknamed “The Tin Man” because of its gable roof, which resembles the Tin Man's hat from The Wizard of Oz?

The historic section of Midway is full of color and detail. The shops are unique! A cell phone walking tour is available. Maps are available at City Hall, which is at the corner.

Antique Shop

I really like the colors used on this old building.

Custom Framing shop

Cafe building and shops

Midway boutique

A view of Historic Midway

A different view of the center of town.


City Hall and the Visitor Center sits on the corner. Stop in for a map and information.

Railroad Drug still has an old fashioned soda fountain! Don't pass it up!


Railroad crossing sign inside a gift shop

The Thoroughbred Theatre opened in 1916 as a movie theater.

There are several historical markers placed along the street that give some fascinating information.


Corner architecture in Midway.

It was Christmas season when I took these photos. Midway welcomes Santa to town each year as this railroad town ushers in the holiday season.


The Kennydid gallery

Corner stores

Darlin' Jeans Apple Cobbler Cafe is a well known restaurant in Midway.


The Silo outside Darlin' Jeans

Also in Midway is the Grey Goose restaurant. They have a patio area as well, perfect for a warm evening dinner. Not too far from here is Wallace Station, which was featured on the Food Network show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”.


The Robin's Nest Bakery is famous for their Kentucky Silk Pie!

The Damselfly Gallery

The Courtyard at Midway

Decorated for the Christmas season!

Besides the historic Main Street (railroad street) in town, Midway has numerous, historic churches that are beautiful to see. Midway is also home to several horse farms including Airdrie Stud, Three Chimneys and Lane's End Farm. Midway has a four year university which is nestled into the serene surroundings of the town.


Interestingly, movie scenes shot in Midway include Flim Flam Man and Simpatico. There is a lot to be said of this small town. Head on over to Meetmeinmidway.com to read more about this charming railroad town “midway” between Lexington and Frankfort.


Thanks for reading!





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